Welcome to Chiang Mai Translators


Our team at Chiang Mai translators offers high quality translations of all kinds of documents that our clients require. To be able to deliver top-quality translations, a translator needs to have more skills than only an excellent knowledge of both the languages that he/she translate from (the “source” language) and to (the “target” language). It is also necessary that the translator is familiar with the subject of the document to translate, as every subject has its own specific jargon. We make sure that our translators have all the skills they need to offer the best possible translations.


With the increasing importance of the Internet, more businesses expand their markets into other countries. Although nowadays many people speak foreign languages, if one wants to be really successful, the customers in a certain market should not only be addressed in their own language, but also according to their own culture and customs. For example, many people think “English is English”, but there is more to it. A text aimed at people in the United Kingdom, requires another approach than a text for people in the United States. Therefore, we always are looking for translators who are natives of the country for which a translation is meant.


Quality costs money. However, we also do not like to pay a premium if we can get it for less. We at Chiang Mai Translators do our very best to balance both, so that we can offer you the best possible value for your hard-earned money.